Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014


i think i'm having my PMS ._.
i can feel it! damn period is coming hahaha.
my mood swings like shit.

and soooooooo
what the hell.
how could this happened hahaha i know right
but dont worry! they are happy tears.

Sis wechat me yesterday and told me what she and aunty bought for me.
i am always that happy when sis or aunty find me or contact me.
because i know they care of me no matter what had happen.
yay i got lotsa green tea match snacks from JAPAN!
i am a happy girl! yeepie jump jump! hehehehe
but i is saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!
no tokyo banana. sis said she went all over the places in osaka to find tokyo banana for me
*touched* at the end she found it in the airport and when she was going to pay, only she realised the expiry date is 27 jan which i wont be back by then yet.
so she frustratingly put back the tokyo banana.
sorry sis! i made you find the tokyo banana just because of me. TT
but i love you hehe
thoughts that count right. i feel like i had eaten the tokyo banana. hehe.
and she bought me maxi dress.
i is happy girl again! ( i like to use I IS, because it sounds cuter hehe)
*jump jump*
cant wait to see sis and aunty.
and then aunty talked to me awhile>< i really miss them!


then i randomly asked them "we can still be very goooooood right even i'm not anyone in the family already?"
sis answered me "of course! see, even now you're not with him anymore i still keep in touch with you what"
me " thank you sis! i love you all!!"
sis " gam dong ka hao lor wo men xian za" (my tears streamed down automatically after hearing that)
aunty " 不要紧 不能做媳妇 我收你做干女儿" (wtf cry more)
(cry again while typing.)

haha PMS PMS.sorry sorry. but im also a borned-crying baby too haha.

............................................ and blabla
the rest is not important haha
this part of conversation matters the most to me.
thats why i always say, the best thing i get out from the past relationship is them, my 2nd family.
exclude him ._.
they love me so much care of me so much take care of me so much
they just feel like my family!
even though we dont really contact everyday but i know they love me.
hehe i dont mind being part of the family. as in siblings and daughter of them.

刚才 阿jie wechat 我 我就奇怪是不是还有什么事要我帮忙
哪里知道 开起来听 是静涵 哈哈
她在那边喊 舒婷姐姐 你在哪里
过后阿jie 就拿过去电话 告诉我 是静涵自己打开然后wechat 我
她尽然认得我 还记得我的名 她还记得我 太开心le !
而且 阿jie 还说她姐姐问静涵在乱乱压什么
静涵尽然回答 是舒婷姐姐来的!
然后 videocall 我
最经典的是 静涵尽然问我 你的叔叔勒? 我有一点吓倒 不知道怎么回答 哈哈 毕竟是小孩嘛
然后阿jie 就说我不要叔叔了 有新的男朋友了 好一个解围 ._.
静涵又问我 你的新男朋友呢 我就说他出去了

回去时 希望我可以有能力带她出去走走了

this quote runs into my mind-

OHANA means famiy.
Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.
- Lilo & Stitch.

With Love,
Sue Ting

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Full stop.

those feelings crept into my mind and my heart again.
i just dont feel good at that moment when i just somehow can sensed you're lying to me again.
i'm so scared of lies now.
i hate liars
i hate lies
how can people be so mean and not considerate?
put yourself into my shoes and think about it.
what would you feel and react if you were me.
so tired of lies. so tired of you.
it's like you wont change forever.
i always and somehow hope you will turn into a better man after this shit.
but no. i put too much hope on you. i look high on you.
i dont want and dont hope we would get back together.
but no matter how much you did to me, i still hope you are, can and will be good.
i thought you would learn a little lesson from all this shits and grow up.
to a more matured, thoughtful, considerate and rational man.
but no. stupid to thought you would.
stupid to thought what  had happened between us and what you did to me will give you a hit to change into a better one.

and so, I LOST HOPE on  you.
i used to have high hope on you. not about love. but simply because i think you can be a better man.
but now, its up to you to be whatever man you like.
because i decided not to give a damn anymore.
maybe you simply have to fall and learn all the lessons yourself.
from now onward, your anything your everything is nothing to me anymore.
i dont care and i wont care.
even if you die, i wont give a damn.
we are still friends but only hi-bye surfaced friends.
thats the least i could do to show appreciation of our past relationship.
and thats all i can do.
you are you yourself. i am me myself.
no more intersection between our lifes.
even if im still friends with your family, that doesnt mean anything.
because you are you. your family is your family.
2 different bodies.

i get better day by day.
i know ive grown stronger and tougher.
i dont rush myself to get into a relationship so fast.
i want to and have to live and get used to my single life first.
of course i would feel lonely at times. i know the progress is tough
but i can do this.
i have to live my single life until i get rid of your shadow
until i could see others in my eyes without your shadow and our memories tagging along
to be fair for me and the others.
i know if i just go blindly into a relationship, it wouldnt last long.
it's just not right.
perhaps it's a good time for me to explore more, go outside of the box to see more learn more feel more.
refreshing moments. that's what me and my soul need.
yea good time for me to just grow up and learn.
not a baby girl anymore.
i never know how tough and how far i can go until this shit happened and here am i.
still standing strong. living my good life.

i believe everything happened for a reason.
and so i believe this shit happened to make me fall and learn and grow up into a better one.
all this shit happened to get myself prepared for future obstacles which will be 10 times harder tougher than this.
god wants me to be prepared for all coming hard times.

all time positive thinking.

* felt much much much relieved after this last last last shit. because it made me see clearly everything. and realised yea this is the last.
there were quite a few LAST shit right before this last last last shit.
but this time is the last for real.
i've thrown them all away. i'm moving on without any burden.
bye. full stop.

Sue Ting.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Final has begun.

1st paper down yes!
my next paper is on this saturday hehe
oh my goooooddddddd i really cant wait to get over this shit
right on this coming saturday night which is after my exam, i will be flying to poland.
feeling excited and not excited at the same time.
need time to rest man. next week is the start of my 2nd term.-.-
i dont think i even have time to rest.
okay since im going to poland this saturday to next wednesday, i will be skipping 3 days of class, first 3 days of class of my 2nd term.-.-
yes lim sue ting good job.
a really nice start for my 2nd term.
but fuck it dont care anymore. at least get this exam done first.
however, finishing this exam doesnt mean the start of heaven or end of hell.
i got 2 reports to due on 14th feb. what the hell.
freaking two reports.
can foresee a hectic 2nd term.
next term im so gonna die.
i will just keep myself in the library whenever i got break. yes this is it.
i have to. next term i got 4 subjects to sit for finals. this term only 2. so yea i can die.
and thanks to my laziness. the other 2 subjects which are whole year modules are the subjects i slacked the most.
i have no idea what these 2 subjects are about. TAXATION and PUBLIC FINANCE.
why the hell did i take public finance as my elective at the first place?
damn ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

and, i called my dad today after my exam.
for MONEY.
omg the exchange rate of GBP and RM is so damn freaking high.
it's reaching 5.4 pounds.
it's really a bad timing to ask for money but what to do. my tuition fees due date is so soon.
so i asked my dad to just transfer me the enough amount of money to cover my tuition fees.
the rest, he can transfer to me later when the exchange rate gets lower.

i dare not tell my parents im going to poland this saturday.
i just cant! my parents will freaking say me keep traveling bla bla bla.
hahahahaha. and also it's a bad timing to tell.
since i just spent a bomb in iceland. well, i will just keep it a secret.
hahahhahaha that's also why im broke yet i could not ask for extra money from my dad cause he doesnt even know im going to poland. and that's also why when my dad asked me how much to transfer to me, i kinda gulped hahaha thinking whether to ask for more money. if i ask for more, he will definitely question me why am i spending so much. XD
but then, i came up with a reason to ask for more money hahahahah CHINESE NEW YEAR is comingggggg. :P
damn smart right i know.

then i talked to my mum for awhile.
bla bla bla........
she said she kinda brain washed my dad saying that any job in malaysia is acceptable as long as it's not dealing drugs and stuff.
well, she said that to my dad because she doesn't want my dad to think anything bad of my EX's job or whatsoever. is my mum starting to stand at my ex's side? is my mum starting to defend him?haha
but sorry bad timing too. it's all over. she hasnt know yet.
i nearly told my mum that we broke up. the words were right at my mouth. nearly out.
but i decided not to. cause im so reluctant to explain or tell any story about me and him anymore.
just lazy.
why? why after so long i havent even tell my parents?
im just so so so lazy and frustrated to tell and explain again and again.
and i really dont want my parents to be worried of me.
well, maybe not now. but soon.

feel like learning making coffee and coffee art.
maybe something to do in this coming summer break?
it's not easy to find opportunities to do or learn something i like in this 3 short months.
can someone hire me or should i say: CAN THE OPPORTUNITIES COME TO ME?
pretty please :)


Tuesday, January 7, 2014




林舒婷 你是最棒的!


hwaiting hwaiting ^^Y

我很感动 因为他其实已经醉醉了
可是我就说他每次都等到要睡了才回我 整天都不见
哈哈这次他奇特地 说可以打给我 讲话
第一次 -.-
哪里知道 他要用Line 打给我 我却delete 掉了 哈哈哈
等到我download 到来 add 他到来
可是 依然很感动和谢谢 你肯凑时间 陪陪我
还好 你也会陪陪我

还有 真的太开心了
Susan 托 tj 在台湾买那个我很想要得五颜六色条文兔子给我
不像susan 的作风
那么巧我叫tj 帮我买
他就透漏说 他买了一个 而且是susan 叫他卖给我的

因为 你 Lim Su San 在我生日没有wish 我!
算了呗 看在你要弥补的份上饶了你

touch up 一下下就可以睡了

ush ush


Friday, January 3, 2014